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By the way, if you are riding out to Sturgis from the East, don't get too excited when you see the South Dakota sign; its another 380 miles to Sturgis!

Past and Future dates:
August 7th thru 13th, 2006 (66th Annual Sturgis Rally)
August 6th thru 12th, 2007 (67th Annual Sturgis Rally)
August 4th thru 10th, 2008 (68th Annual Sturgis Rally)
August 3rd thru 9th, 2009 (69th Annual Sturgis Rally)
August 9th thru 15th, 2010 (70th Anniversary Sturgis Rally)

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This is a link to a map (PDF file) of the Black Hills / Sturgis area.

Black Hills National Forest Official Web Site

Badlands National Park Official Web Site

Crazy Horse Official Web Site

Prairie Homestead Official Web Site

Devils Tower National Monument Official Web Site

Mount Rushmore National Memorial Official Web Site
These pictures were all taken from our motorcycle while riding Needles Highway. This is a 20 mile section of Route 87 as it winds through Custer State Park between US 16A (Alternate 16) at the south end and the intersection of US 16/385 and Route 244 at the north end.

Needles Highway
These pictures were all taken from our motorcycle while riding through Custer State Park on the Wildlife Loop, a 15 mile road that runs between Route 87 and US 16A (Alternate 16). If you want to see wild animals up close (buffalo, donkeys, rams, deer and others), take this ride!

Custer State Park Official Web Site

Trevino's Leathers is located in the Black Hills, six miles south of Deadwood on US 385. They have some great original pieces and if you are in the area, it is definitely worth the stop.

Trevino's Leathers Official Web Site
Iron Mountain Road
Iron Mountain Road is actually part of US Highway 16A (Alternate 16) and winds its way from Custer State Park toward Mount Rushmore. Like Needles Highway and the Wildlife Loop in Custer, it is one of the roads you have to ride at some point during your Sturgis trip. If you head east on 16A from Custer State Park, Iron Mountain Road swings northwest as you ascend for about 12 miles to the top of Iron Mountain - hence the name. In the next 5 miles, you will encounter 3 tunnels, each of which frames a view of Mount Rushmore as you pass through. In addition, you will encounter 2 pigtail turns. What is a pigtail turn? Since a picture is worth a thousand words and I type very slowly, I hope this answers that question:

Spearfish Canyon Road
Spearfish Canyon Road, which is part US Highway 14A (Alternate 14), winds for about 30 miles between Spearfish and Deadwood. Following Spearfish Creek for most of the way, there is a view of Bridal Veil Falls and other spectacular scenery. Coming from Sturgis, take I-90 west about 16 miles to exit 14. Take US 85 north (west) for 2 miles to 14A. This is the beginning of Spearfish Canyon Road. After following it for about 30 miles to Deadwood, you can continue another 12 miles on 14A back into Sturgis. The complete circuit is about 60 miles if you start and finish in Sturgis.
The following are general information websites where you may helpful information about Sturgis and the Black Hills area.
This is the link for Black Hills Central Reservations (800-529-0105), which is the company that booked our accomodations for 2005. They were great to work with and our Reservation Agent, Jamie Moore, was extremely helpful.
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